I’m Better Than a Cockroach :)

Although now a reformed drug addict and having a new life, he still did not want to be named. He said that what was more inportant was what he did with rest of his life. His journey started with the words of his grandma that saved him for three personal tragedies. Feeling very depresses with a “world” that had “left” him, he had wanted to commit syicide then. Owing to his persistent drug habits, his parents had disowned him. Being killed slowly by drugs and being diowned were already two tragedy in his life. A third tragedy was looming. He was seriosly contemplating on commiting suicide. Fortunately, a friend tipped of the granny. On hearing the news, his grandma retorted, “What is he talking about, not wanting to live? Even a little cockroach runs like hell for its life! Is he worse than a cockroach? Is he so weak? No dreams, no hopes?” The word of his grandma hit him hard and deep. Surely he was better that cockroach! He felt so giluilty. Nobody was to blame but himself. Immediately he submitted himself for drug re-habilitation for 2 years. It was a period of counseling, praying, asking for forgiveness and living clean life. Through all these, he gained inner strength. Today, at the age of 33, he is happily married and moving in with a new and exciting life. πŸ™‚



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